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Invest in the health of employees!

Today, it is well established that physical activity contributes to better health. Wellness has a preventive purpose to keep employees healthy and motivated. Physical activity strengthens the body and the immune system, increase stamina, prevents a wide range of diseases, counteracts the unhealthy effects of stress, to name a few positive effects. Companies that invest wholeheartedly in health care can often see a direct link to lower sickness absence.

Your employees are the most valuable asset you have.

They want to feel valuable, seen and cared for. They want to feel proud of the company they work for, and they want to be treated as an important part of the company. 

The more employees you have the greater variety of people you get. Some have never exercised, some love to exercise. You have different ages and different conditions. Some have never been to a gym; some are parents of small children and rarely have time to go away to train. Some travel a lot and some work 7-16 dayshifts. Someone loves yoga while someone else likes strength training, someone is a beginner while another is advanced, and everyone is triggered by different things and goals.

It pays to invest in working environment and health.

It is said that every “krona” invested can return between two to six “kronor”. It is not only about lower costs for the sickness benefit itself, but also about fewer production stoppages and deviations, and that it has a positive effect on employee commitment and the company’s image.

Companies with lower sickness absence take health work seriously and see that proactive health work pays off, provides clear results and lower costs.

This is a huge opportunity for companies.

GYMPAK provide companies with high-quality functional sportswear packs (incl shoes), home training equipment & a unique workout app for staff to use at home or wherever they are. With GYMPAK’s products the company will encourage staff to an active and healthy lifestyle in an easy and flexible way, strengthen its brand, strengthen the company as an employer and generate a healthier staff and environment. Read more about the products here.

With GYMPAK, we believe more of your employees will exercise and you will get healthier employees and lower the company´s total sickness absence. 

Do you run a company?

Contact us, and let us explain how we can add value, increase your staff satisfaction and health, by encourage them to an active and healthy lifestyle



Gympak sportswear pack includes unisex functional tee, 2-1 shorts, sport bra, socks and a pair of unique elastic fitness shoes that fits several sizes. 

Gympak sportswear pack is made in 4 sizes (XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL). With these 4 sizes we cover more or less all adults, men and women..

The sportswear bag including clothes and shoes, can be washed together which makes it easy for the user.

We recommend that you once a year replace the sportswear pack with new, so your staff always have fresh new ones to use. 

 Gympak work with environmentally friendly products and our original sportswear pack is made in solid black with a black tone-in-tone logo on right side. We can provide printed logo on left side on tee and shorts. 

We keep our original sportswear pack on stock, no minimum volumes and can deliver all over the world. 

Gympak also offer customized packs and designs, so let us know your wants and needs.


Strengthen your brand, communicate with your employees and create deals and goals for them, to encourage to do workouts during the year. 

Gympak Workout App is filled with over 200 workouts from yoga to strength, for beginners to advanced. You do not need any exercise equipment or machines to perform the exercises, making it easy for your employees to exercise at home or wherever they are.

What makes our workout app so unique is that it is not only brand building by showing your company logo inside the app, but we have created a “deals for you” section as well. 

Here, you can create as many offers as you want, which become activated and available when you have completed their training session, to encourage your staff to reach deals and goals. Everyone has different goals so create many different deals for them.  It could be, for example, when you reached 25 workouts you activate different deals, as free lunches or something else that can be a trigger for your staff. And why not do a offer when reached 100 workouts with some really nice deals and triggers, so all your employees want to start work-out!

With the gympak workout app, you make it as easy as possible for your staff to exercise and with attractive deals and triggers, you will get more employees to exercise and in the long run healthier employees. 

When you as a business owner subscribe to the app, we give free access to all your staff 24/7 wherever they are.

The app works for both Apple and android phones and is very easy to use. Your staff downloads the app first time, login and start to use. The app will be available for your staff as long as you decide to subscribe.  


All your employees are unique, some prefers to exercise at a gym, some not, some have not time to go to a gym and some would never go to a gym, some have never exercise before, some workout several times a week, some travels a lot, some never travel. 

So, to activate as many as possible, we have developed simple and useful training equipment’s for your staff to use at home.

By offering your employees our training equipment’s, workout app and sportswear packs, you will maximize the possibility for your employees to start activating them self for a healthier lifestyle.

The gympak high quality training equipment is products that are suitable for home training, as a yoga mat, soft weight ball, rubber bands and foam roller and training wheel. We also offer boxes to keep the equipment in.