Clarion Hotel Oslo Norway’s first customer

Clarion Hotel Oslo targets health-conscious business travelers

Business travelers are making more and more demands on their hotels. No matter where you travel from in the world. 
In central Oslo, the trend is clearly visible and the wishes of the health-conscious are being vigorously met. 

Gym with great views, open 24 hours a day, healthier diets and now also clothing packages for rent, sale or loan. Quality Hotel Oslo wants to do everything possible to meet the increased interest of health-conscious business travelers. 

In the new Bjørvika district, the newly built hotel with 255 rooms and a large conference area welcomes guests from all over the world all year round. 
The gym is just over 100 square meters and is used 24 hours a day, says hotel manager Tore Carlsson Sægrov and continues: “There has been a big difference in guests’ demands and wishes in recent years. We always want to deliver an exceptional service. We want guests to say wow and talk about us and the experience they had.

The hotel manager drew attention to Gympak and its offer. He saw that the company’s products and services would help the hotel become even more attractive and deliver an even higher level of service than before. He and his colleague Simon Barman Jenssen quickly made the decision to become the first hotel in Norway to offer fitness clothing packages for rent and sale. 

Guests will be able to book clothing packages in advance when booking their stay. They should also be able to go to the reception and rent a package when they are in the hotel. 

-Some guests may forget their workout clothes. Some are inspired by our gym and the desire to exercise comes. And some may no longer want to pack their workout clothes in the future. Whatever the reason, we want to inspire and make it easier for everyone to get their daily exercise. 

Guests have historically chosen the hotel for its family-friendly service and location. Now the Clarion hotel will be the obvious choice for the health-conscious traveler!