we’re launching a
Better hotel experience.

In a bag.

Gym clothes, equipment and workout programs.
Packaged as a service concept for hotel guests.
for renting out and driving additional sales.

Gympak offers hotels a concept with high-quality workout clothes, in-room training equipment and a workout app. A service that not only enhances guests’ hotel experience during their stay but also provides the hotel with an opportunity to earn money through additional sales.

here’s how it works.

Each hotel has its resources and routines, but generally, the implementation of the concept can look like this:

Guests have the option to pre-book clothing packages and equipment.

Their order awaits them in the room upon arrival. Guests can also rent or purchase clothing packages at the reception.

Guests work out and take advantage of their special offers received through the app, then return their rented clothing bags at the reception, room, or other specified location.

The clothes are laundered at the hotel, repackaged by staff and rented out again.

The bag itself, including clothes and shoes, can be washed together, and with only 4 sizes, it’s easy for the hotel to handle sorting and repacking.

A quick summary of the
concept’s components.

A Gym bag to rent or sell.

The Gympak sportswear bag contains a T-shirt, 2-in-1 shorts, sports bra, socks, and a pair of unique elastic fitness shoes suitable for multiple foot sizes. The garments withstand over 100 washes. If you rent out the sportswear package more than 10 times, it covers the entire purchase cost of the clothes, which means you can rent them out many times over with a hundred percent profit.

Use the sportswear package in your sales pitch to sell more overnight stays: include them in the room rate, rent them out and sell new ones to your guests. Or why not include them in your loyalty program?

a workout app with sales opportunities.

The Gympak workout app is filled with over 200 workouts, from yoga to strength training, from beginner level to advanced training. Guests don’t need any workout equipment or machines to perform the exercises, making it easy for them to exercise in the hotel room or hotel gym.

What makes the workout app unique for the hotel is that it has a “deals for you”-section. Here, the hotel can create as many guest deals as it wants, which are activated and become available after a guest completes a workout session. This drives traffic and additional sales to the hotel’s various facilities.

training equipment for rooms and gyms.

Not everyone prefers to work out at the gym, and not all hotels have a gym to offer their guests. Gympak’s high-quality training equipment is suitable for in-room training, like a yoga mat, soft medicine ball, resistance bands, foam roller and an ab wheel.

market the concept and make it visible to your guests.

We know from surveys that hotels offering on-site rental/sale of workout clothes will be highly appreciated by hotel guests. However, it’s essential that hotel guests are aware of the service. Here are some tips, in addition to promoting the concept on your website:

  • Display the gym bag in the reception area
  • Roll-up in the lobby
  • Information and deals in elevators
  • Flyers or cards in the rooms
  • Board/poster in the hotel gym
  • Add to loyalty deals

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