our clients

A Blend of Hospitality and Innovation

Our hotel customers chose us because they want to enhance the service and experience for their guests, as well as generate new revenue.

Currently, we have customers in Europe, including both large and small hotels. Many are located in central areas of major cities, but Gympak is also suitable for hotels in remote locations.

Gympak is part of the package that hotels offer, and sometimes Gympak’s services are provided completely free of charge. It’s up to each of our individual customers to do what suits them best.

We are always here to create the best possible package for our customers, as well as the best experience and service for their guests.

Below, we list some of the customers we are currently assisting.

JosefinE Bergqvist

Emil Ekberg

Ida-Maja Telje

Henric Carlsson Schelin

Maximus Wallin

Dr. Denisa Talic