We offer hotels and resorts a concept with high quality fitness clothing, in-room fitness equipment and a fully loaded fitness app. A service that enhances guests’ hotel experience during their stay.

Gympak sportswear bag

The Gympak sportswear bag contains unisex garments in functional materials: T-shirt, 2-in-1 shorts, sports bra, socks and a pair of unique elastic fitness shoes that fit multiple foot sizes.

The clothing package is available in 4 sizes (XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL). With these 4 sizes, we more or less cover every adult size, both for men and women.

The bag itself including clothes and shoes can be washed together, and with only 4 sizes we make it easy for the hotel to manage sorting and repacking.

One suggestion is for the hotel to use the sportswear package in its sales pitch to sell more nights: include them in the room rate, rent them out and sell new ones to guests. Or why not include them in the hotel’s loyalty program?

We recommend replacing the sportswear package once a year, but note that the clothes can withstand up to atleast 100 washes. If you rent the sportswear package 10-15 times, it will cover the entire purchase cost of them, which means you have many more times to rent them out at 100% profit.

The Gympak sportswear set is made in solid black with a black tone-on-tone logo on the right side. We can offer the hotel logo printed on the left side of the T-shirt and shorts. We keep our original package in stock, no minimum order is required and we can deliver worldwide. Gympak also offers customized packages and designs, so let us know if you have any special requests.

GYMPAK training app

The Gympak fitness app is a tool for your guests to find a workout that suits them, but it is also a support for strengthening the hotel’s brand, communicating with guests and activating offers and deals.

The app is filled with over 200 workouts, from yoga to strength training, from beginner to advanced. Guests do not need any exercise equipment or machines to perform the exercises, making it easy for guests to work out in their hotel room or in the hotel gym.

What makes our fitness app unique is that it not only reinforces the hotel’s brand by displaying its logo inside the app, but we have also created an ‘offers for you’ section.

Here, your hotel can create as many guest offers as you like, which are activated and become available once a guest has completed their workout, in order to drive traffic and additional sales to the hotel’s various facilities.

For example, an offer in the restaurant or shop, or why not a great offer on a treatment that the guest can use right after their workout?

With the Gympak workout app installed in your hotel, you get more people to exercise during their stay, and with great offers for your guests inside the app, you create more sales and get more guests to stay longer in the hotel area.

When your hotel subscribes to the app, we provide free access to all your guests 24/7, as long as they are within the hotel area and have access to your Wi-Fi network.

The app works on both Apple and Android phones and is very easy to use. The guest downloads the app at the first training session and can then easily use it every time they stay at your hotel.

GYMPAK Exercise equipment

Not everyone likes working out in a gym and not all hotels have a gym to offer their guests. This is why we have developed simple and useful training tools for guests to use in their rooms. Partly to get as many guests as possible to be active and partly to make them stay in the hotel area.

Gympak’s high-quality exercise equipment are products suitable for in-room training, such as a yoga mat, soft medicine ball, rubber band, foam roller and abdominal wheel. We also offer boxes where the hotel can store the equipment, which can then be placed in a wardrobe, for example.