Are you one of these 15% hotels in the world?

About 15% of all hotels in the world today lack gyms or exercise facilities for their guests. Are you one of them?

As exercise and health are a growing interest for most people and the expectation of amenities from hotel guests, it is important for hotels to be able to offer flexible solutions and facilities, to attract guests in the future.

Building your own gym can be expensive and in some cases the areas for it may not be within the hotel premises. That’s why we at GYMPAK have developed simple and flexible in-room training equipment that you either place in the rooms or store so that the guests can pick up and use in the room.

In addition to these flexible training tools, we have developed training clothes and a training app for the guest to use for training in the room.

Do you want to increase the comfort of your guests and meet a great need many guests have and at the same time be able to increase your revenue streams?

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