Gympak workout app strengthens your brand and allows you to communicate with your guests, employees and supporters.

We haven’t created just another workout app with a wide variety of exercise programs for both beginners and advanced practitioners, from yoga to strength training sessions.

We have taken our training app one step further by creating the opportunity to strengthen your brand, create your own unique deals and goals in the app. We can also create your own unique training programs. If you run a hotel, we can give your guests free access during their stay and you can create offers to drive traffic to restaurants and other facilities to create additional sales.

If you run a company and offer the app to your employees, we create together with you, attractive goals and offers for your employees in the app to increase motivation to exercise. If you have a sports club, why not enter your players’ personal training program and then give your supporters the opportunity to train the same program as their idols.

We adapt the training app to your needs to create it as attractive as possible for your guests, employees and supporters.

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