gympak for gyms.


Gyms and sports facilities today need to provide the best possible experience for their customers to remain competitive and profitable. One way to stay ahead of the competition and retain members and keep them coming back is to increase the service to members and thus create new sources of income.

customers today are comfortable.

They expect high service, or they go elsewhere. Many people go to the gym before they go to work, during their lunch break or before they go home from work. This means they must carry their gym bag with them all day, with all that that entails. Many of the members train several times a week, which means they need to wash their training clothes every week.


GYMPAK offers to provide gyms and sport facilities with high-quality functional sportswear packs (incl shoes). With GYMPAK’s sportswear pack, gyms will increase members convenience, strengthen its sales offer to attract more members, strengthen its brand and generate new revenues to the business. By increasing members convenience and adding new sources of revenue, gyms can ensure that they remain competitive and profitable.


The Gympak Sportswear Bag contains high quality training clothes in functional materials. Each bag contains a T-shirt, 2-in-1-shorts, sports bra, socks and a unique pair of elastic fitness shoes that fit multiple foot sizes. The sizes are XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL, making it easier to find a size that fits more or less all adult men and women.

The sportswear bag including clothes and shoes can be washed together and with only 4 sizes we make it easy for the gym to manage this.

Use the sportswear package in your sales pitch to sell more memberships, offer them to existing members for an even more comfortable everyday life and rent them to guests for one-time use.

We recommend replacing the sportswear package once a year. If you rent out the sportswear package 10-15 times, the full purchase cost of them will pay for itself, which means you have 350 days left to rent them out and make 100% profit on them.

For members with a subscription, we recommend offering them to add a reasonable amount per month to their existing subscription and then never have to pack and wash their workout clothes again.

Gympak works with environmentally friendly products and our sportswear is available in black with a black tone-on-tone logo on the right side. We can offer printed logos on the left side of t-shirts and shorts. We keep our original sportswear package in stock, no minimum volumes and can deliver worldwide.

Gympak also offers customized packages and designs, so let us know your wishes and needs.