We offer hotels and resorts a concept with high-quality hiking gear to rent out or sell.
A service that enhances guests’ hotel experience.

Gympak hiking bag

The Gympak Hiking Bag is your ultimate companion for outdoor excursions. Whether you’re scaling mountains or exploring forest trails, this unisex gear set ensures you stay warm, dry, and comfortable. Conveniently available for rent at hotel receptions, it’s an easy solution for spontaneous adventures or for travelers who prefer to pack light.

Included in the Gympak Hiking Bag

The Gympak hiking bag itself is designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Made from durable, water-resistant materials, it features multiple compartments to keep your gear organized and easily accessible. Ergonomically designed straps ensure a comfortable fit, even on long hikes. This unisex bag is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure, providing you with all the essentials you need to stay prepared and comfortable

Our high-quality base layer provides excellent moisture-wicking and thermal regulation. Designed to keep you dry and warm, it’s perfect for all weather conditions.

The Gympak wind jacket offers superior protection against wind and light rain. Lightweight and breathable, it ensures maximum comfort without compromising mobility.

Our wind pants are durable and designed for flexibility. They provide excellent protection against harsh winds while being comfortable for long hikes.

The Gympak hat is made from soft, insulating materials to keep your head warm in cold conditions. Its unisex design ensures a great fit for everyone.

Our gloves are crafted to offer warmth and dexterity. They are perfect for keeping your hands protected and comfortable in various weather conditions