it pays to invest in working environment and health

It is said that every “krona” invested can return between two to six “kronor”.

It is not only about lower costs for the sickness benefit itself, but also about fewer production stoppages and deviations, and that it has a positive effect on employee commitment and the company’s image.

Companies with lower sickness absence take health work seriously and see that proactive health work pays off, provides clear results and lower costs.

GYMPAK provide companies with high-quality functional sportswear packs (incl shoes), home training equipment & a unique workout app for staff to use at home or wherever they are.

With GYMPAK’s products the company will encourage staff to an active and healthy lifestyle in an easy and flexible way, strengthen its brand, strengthen the company as an employer and generate a healthier staff and environment.

Do you run a company?

Contact us, and let us explain how we can add value, increase your staff satisfaction and health, by encourage them to an active and healthy lifestyle.