Italian luxury hotel increases service with Swedish startup

Fulfilled dreams as young hotel director succeeds in the Alps. Swedish Maximus runs a luxury hotel in northern Italy with the goal of becoming guests’ dream destination year-round.

Eight years ago, the Swedish entrepreneurial family Wallin began their grand project in the Alpine village of Carona. The dream of a luxurious boutique hotel was too strong to ignore. Now the family accelerates and opens a spa.

Among peaks, valleys, and ski lifts, the newly renovated and sophisticated hotel emerges like a bubbling rocket and favorite. Not only for businesses and individuals in Sweden and the Nordic countries but also for the local population and sporty guests worldwide.

After many years of bureaucracy, construction, and renovation, Villa Carona opened its hotel north of Bergamo in 2023, and success has not been delayed.

The 19-room small hotel has consistently received top ratings and reviews, but now the 23-year-old hotel director Maximus Wallin wants to deliver even higher service.

“We do everything for our guests and always think that we should make them say wow about the experience.”

Year-round destination
The Alps offer something for everyone year-round. At Villa Carona, there is a great interest in hiking and skiing, often combined with local food, health, and enjoyment.

“Our guests are sporty. They love to increase their pulse,” says Maximus, adding: “Sometimes the weather is against us. It can be a snowstorm or rain that makes the hotel’s guests choose not to leave the hotel for a day. Then it is important to offer gym and relaxation such as spa and treatments.”


The record-breaking young hotel director says the gym is well-visited year-round. Many go there before a massage. And after the spa opening, it is believed that the gym will be used even more.

The Wallin family wants to showcase Italy at its best. The service and hospitality should be unforgettable, and the sleep magical. In combination with unbeatable nature, high guest satisfaction becomes more or less a certainty, says Maximus.

“Italy has a special place in our hearts, and especially our little village Carona that we visited for the first time in 2014,” says the hotel director who began working in the family’s construction company at the age of 15.

He was involved in the three-year renovation and saw the dream become a reality.


“When I was asked if I wanted to become the hotel’s director, it was natural to say yes. I love challenges and may have a different view of hospitality and management as I am completely new to the role,” says Maximus and continues: “When running our boutique hotel, it’s a bit like being a butler. I do everything for our guests. I’ve had a nothing is impossible mentality since childhood.”

In a few weeks, the hotel’s large spa will open, and since the reopening in 2022, gym and relaxation have been offered. Now the hotel chooses to take the next step in the experience. Villa Carona will offer Gympak to all guests.

“In all our rooms, we will have Gympak’s yoga mats and equipment for massage and recovery, and of course, we will offer guests the gym bag,” says Maximus.

Incoming guests from May will no longer need to pack workout clothes. This service is offered by Villa Carona. Guests will be able to rent workout clothes directly from the reception or pre-book, but guests should also be able to buy their own package. The clothes can be used in the gym or on a hike or run on one of the many trails available.

“We saw Gympak and thought wow right away. This goes hand in hand with our ambition. We want to contribute to public health and deliver an unforgettable experience and service, and facilitate for guests,” concludes Maximus proudly.

Maximus Wallin, Hotel Director Villa Carona,
Jone Sølvik, CEO Gympak,, +46706-112100.

Gympak is an innovative company from Sweden operating in the health, fitness, and clothing industries. The goal is to change and improve hotel and fitness experiences worldwide.