PRESS: 21 February 2024

Founders took help from multi-entrepreneur – now they’re stepping on the gas

Paul Laing came up with the initial idea for Gympak on a business trip in the US.
He traveled 4 months a year and did not get the training or exercise he wanted or needed. The Englishman prioritized training clothes in his packing and did not want to put wet training clothes back in his bag. No hotel he visited in the world rented or sold workout clothes. He decided that he wanted to help hotels make a difference for their guests. That’s when the Gympak idea was born. Paul thought that the hotels would have more satisfied guests and that they could actually make money.

He contacted multi-entrepreneur Tobias Lindberg, who also has over 20 years of experience in fashion and design. They worked together to develop today’s Gympak’s unique packaging and quality to make a difference for all the world’s hotels and guests. After several years of development and design work, countless tests and working on all products and digital services, Gympak is now ready for a global expansion.

– For me, Gympak is a matter of the heart. I wanted to make a difference for all travelers in the world and finally, after a great collaboration with Tobias, Gympak is ready,” says Paul. conceptualizing Gympak also meant, for founders Paul and Tobias, that they have done a lot of market research. Both towards hotels and their guests. All studies showed that Gympak was needed.

– “We quickly realized that Gympak was something many people had thought about, and that would make a big difference,” says Tobias, Gympak’s chairman, who explains that the range is unique and will not only make a difference for all the hotels’ guests, but also for the hotels’ customer satisfaction and profitability.The market research showed that few people used the hotels’ gyms, and that this was often due to the fact that workout clothes were not prioritized in the suitcase. What was surprising, according to the founders, was that many guests wanted to exercise lightly in their rooms.

They also saw that many loyalty programs needed to be updated to meet the growing need and desire for health and exercise on business trips and vacations.

Lending or renting workout clothes to guests would increase customer satisfaction and potentially increase loyalty, Paul and Tobias believe. When developing the clothing packages, it was important to make it easy for both the hotels and their guests. They were very keen that the quality and fit should be the best possible and that the packages should suit the average man and woman.

Paul says there are 4 packages in total and they are suitable for both men and women. The unisex kits are designed to fit 97% of the population and include shoes, socks, shorts, t-shirts and sports bras. But the clothing packages are only a small part of what Gympak offers, say the founders. Gympak also offers basic training equipment to be provided in hotel rooms and a unique app that not only offers hundreds of training videos but also offers from hotel facilities after completing a workout.

In this way, the founders believe that the hotel’s guests are more likely to use their restaurants instead of spending the evening outside the hotel.

– Our app is really the icing on the cake, says Tobias with a big smile. For more than a year, he has been responsible for its development and getting it ready to receive users from all over the world.

During the month of April, Gympak’s first products are arriving for both national and international hotel customers.

– We are very much looking forward to the launch of our products and services. We are working feverishly with our first customers’ marketing departments now to help them communicate about the hotels’ new offer before booking, at check-in or when the guest during their stay is inspired to take a workout, says Gympak’s CEO Jone Sølvik and concludes; Since January 16, 2024 when we were launched, we have received an incredibly good response and everyone we meet says that this is interesting, and already many hotels have placed their first orders.

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