Rocketing company moves headquarters to Helsingborg and hires new employees

Health-tech company Gympak, which recently welcomed Jone Sølvik as CEO, announced today that it is moving its headquarters from Jönköping to Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg. The company, which introduced its unique products and services less than a month ago, focuses on helping hotels and businesses make a difference for their guests and employees through unique clothing packages, simple exercise equipment and an innovative app.

“Before accepting the assignment, I did extensive research on whether companies and businesses would be interested in what Gympak offers and whether their guests or employees would appreciate it,” says Jone Sølvik. “I quickly realized that this was something that could make a big difference and quickly become big.”

Within the first month of the launch, over 100 hotels and companies have shown interest, and 50 have already placed orders that will arrive in April. 

“I have to admit that I didn’t think the success would come so quickly,” says Jone, who was previously CEO of fintech company Inyett and a partner at audit and advisory firm KPMG.

Gympak is also starting its first recruitment process to meet demand and prepare for global expansion. The company has already gained its first international customer and plans to deliver its services and products on several continents during the year.

Photo: Anders Malmberg.