Press release: January 8, 2024

Tobias, an entrepreneurial profile from Småland, invests heavily in health tech.

Tobias Lindberg, a multi-entrepreneur from Småland, has had great success with his companies Smartcaze, Frank Dandy and Röshults. He then launched the SaaS company Digmi, which has been a great success in the hairdressing industry.

Now he’s stepping on the gas for his next big venture. The 52-year-old is chairman of Gympak AB and has led the company through successful capital rounds this fall. 

– We have worked feverishly for a year with the concept and the development of a unique app and products with high quality and fit, says Tobias. He adds that the company has also put a lot of energy into recruiting key people to be ready to face the market. 

Through its products and services, Gympak’s vision is to contribute to a healthier lifestyle wherever you are.

– We see that our main customer group is companies that want to make a difference to the health and well-being of their staff, and hotels that want to improve the guest experience, Tobias continues. 

On January 18, Gympak will be present at Quality Hotel Match’s (Jönköping) corporate event where the company’s products and services are premiered on the market. The newly opened hotel is the company’s first customer. 

For more information:
Tobias Lindberg, Chairman of the Board Gympak,, +46733-703030,

About Gympak: Gympak is an innovative company from Småland that operates in the health, fitness and clothing industry. The goal is to transform and improve hotel and fitness experiences around the world.