Press release: January 26, 2024

Press release: “Leave your workout clothes at home. Rent them at the hotel instead!”

Hotels around the world are starting to offer rooms with bicycles, rowing machines and other health-promoting equipment to meet guests’ needs. Quality Hotel Match in Jönköping does not want to be worse.

They are now starting to offer equipment for rent in their rooms, and an app that inspires and guides guests to everyday exercise, while also giving guests great offers from the hotel’s facilities after completing their workouts.

If guests have forgotten training clothes, or do not wish to pack them, functional and comfortable ones are available for rent or for sale at the hotel reception.

– Guests are increasingly demanding health and exercise. Many people want to exercise on their business trips and vacations. But it often happens that guests have forgotten workout clothes, but even more people do not want to pack sweaty clothes after a workout, says Josefine Bergkvist who works at the newly built hotel in Jönköping.

Quality Match has purchased a large number of clothing packages containing shoes, socks, shorts, sports bras and t-shirts that will soon be offered to all guests. 

– It will be exciting to see how much more our nice gym will be used and whether this health-promoting initiative will make more people choose us, says Josefine, who herself trains regularly and continues; We really want to make it easier for all our guests to get everyday exercise. We have a PT who visits the hotel several times a week and we have had health promotion lectures that have been sold out.

Gympak’s CEO Jone Sølvik believes that the rental of workout clothes will be more common than uncommon in the future.
– By offering clothes for lending (some memberships), rental or for sale, hotels will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also contribute to a more sustainable future and indeed new revenue streams. It may also be that guests will choose some hotels over others because of Gympak’s different offers, says Jone.

Quality Hotel Match is a newly built hotel in Jönköping that offers 229 hotel rooms and 10 conference rooms.

– We at Gympak are happy to welcome Match as our customer, but mainly that the hotel’s guests will be able to use health-promoting products and services, Jone concludes.

For more information:
Jone Sølvik, CEO GYMPAK,,+46706-112100.

Josefine Bergkvist, Front Office Manager Quality Hotel Match,,+46 362 937 220.

About Gympak: Gympak is an innovative company from Småland that operates in the health, fitness and clothing industry. The goal is to transform and improve hotel and fitness experiences around the world.