Gympak accelerates in the Nordic region with sales director and large team

Nordic Sales Director Hotels

Clothing and tech company Gympak takes the next step in its growth journey by entering into a partnership agreement with Global Sales House and appointing Joachim Svensson to lead sales in the Nordic hotel market.

The strategic decision aims to enable Gympak to not only focus on reaching new customers in other parts of the world but also to accelerate the development of innovative services and products.

“Joachim brings with him extensive experience in sales and a deep commitment to customer relationships. He is passionate about developing both companies and businesses and will do everything to make a difference for both our existing and future customers. Therefore, Joachim and his team are a perfect match for Gympak,” says the company’s CEO, Jone Sølvik.

With headquarters in Ängelholm, Global Sales House will be responsible for selling Gympak’s products and services to the hotel, spa, and resort industry in the Nordics, and the collaboration begins in May.

“I have followed Gympak since its inception, and I am in love with its concept and the people involved in and around the company. I am incredibly excited and, together with my team, look forward to helping hotels in the Nordics make an even greater difference for their guests,” says Joachim Svensson with a big smile.

Other countries are showing interest
“We at Gympak receive significant interest from other parts of the world. Not only potential customers but also companies that want to represent us in their market, which is flattering,” says Jone, continuing, “Our domestic market is always very important to us, and our existing customers are paramount. We want to be the favorite supplier for all our customers, and to do that, we always need to be on our toes and evolve.

Gympak’s target audience includes hotels, businesses, gyms, and sports clubs of all sizes, and at the moment, the company has 3 products.

“Our existing customers have welcomed us with open arms and already requested that we develop new products and services. First up is within mental health, and then it will be new clothing packages,” reveals Jone.